What is Open Dekalb?

Open DeKalb Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to open, informed DeKalb County governmental decision making. Open DeKalb attempts to ensure that County government decision makers and the public are as fully informed as possible on issues taken up by Open DeKalb. Open DeKalb’s activities are made possible by volunteer efforts and donations. Contributions to Open DeKalb Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation under IRS code, are tax-deductible.

Successful Open Records Case
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PDK Weight Limit
DeKalb County agreed in 1987 to limit the size of aircraft to small planes with certified maximum takeoff weights of 66,000 pounds or less, in order to obtain FAA approval and funding for a 1,000 foot safety zone extension at PDK Airport, without conducting a federally-mandated Environmental Impact Study. DeKalb County committed itself to the FAA not to bring larger aircraft in to PDK Airport in the future (the 1,000 foot extension was only for “safety” of existing aircraft). For PDK Weight Limit history, click here. For PDK Weight Limit documents, click here.

Second Lawsuit put on hold due to Airport/County funding Emory environmental study 
Concerned citizens had repeatedly raised the need to enforce the PDK Airport weight limit on aircraft with DeKalb County and the FAA, but officials had refused to enforce it.  Concerned citizens were prepared to launch a lawsuit to secure court-ordered enforcement of the limit on aircraft weight/size.  Open DeKalb Inc. and the DeKalb County administration met in 2009 to discuss noise and aircraft pollution from PDK operations.  Given the County’s willingness to assess environmental impacts of small, medium and larger aircraft at PDK, Open DeKalb agreed to forestall further efforts to enforce the weight limit. Open DeKalb is relying on the County’s contract with Emory University to produce the information necessary to properly inform Airport decision making.  Read more.

DeKalb County news release
Environmental Impact of PDK to be studied
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Contract to Conduct Air and Noise Analysis
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Contract Excerpt: Goals of Analysis
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Reporting PDK Noise Problems
Thanks to the successful Feltus PDK Open Records lawsuit, you can now easily obtain information about disturbing PDK flights over your home or business that will allow you to contact the aircraft owners to express your concerns. To find out how, click here. You can and should call the Airport noise hotline at (770) 936-5442 to report any noise problems.

For more information about Open DeKalb, please email questions or inquiries to info@opendekalb.org.