How to Get Information About Disturbing PDK Overflights

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As a result of the August 2005 victory in the PDK Open Records lawsuit, you can now place a request under the Georgia Open Records Act (GORA) to Mr. Mario Evans, the PDK Airport Director, for information about any aircraft noise or flight events that disturb you.

The most effective way to make your GORA request to Mr. Evans is by e-mail Here is a sample request:

Dear Mr. Evans: Under GORA I am requesting a noise report on a low flying and loud jet over my home [give exact address] on [give date] at [give time]. In your report to me, please include the aircraft type, the noise generated by the aircraft, its altitude and flight track, and the aircraft’s N number. Sincerely, [Your name]

Answers to GORA requests must be provided promptly under the law. (If you have any problems getting a full response promptly, please notify: After you have received the aircraft’s N number, which is the aircraft equivalent of a car tag, you can easily identify the actual owner of the aircraft by going to:, typing in the aircraft N number, and hitting “Go.”

Once you have identified the owner of the aircraft that disturbed you, you then can contact the person or company directly to express your concerns. Please also send an electronic copy any such follow-up letter you may write to: Mario Evans:

We believe that using GORA requests provides the most direct and effective way of documenting and letting PDK Airport and informing your elected County representatives–who are supposed to exercise oversight over PDK Airport–about PDK aircraft disruptions you may experience.