Second Lawsuit to be made, FAA refuses to comply with weight limit.

Concerns about environmental impacts from PDK Airport

Did you know that DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK) is the second busiest airport in Georgia after Hartsfield-Jackson, and its grounds are larger than New York’s LaGuardia Airport? Many are concerned about the direct environmental, health, and financial impacts that any expansion of jet traffic at PDK is having on more than 100,000 residents in nearby areas of DeKalb and Fulton counties.

Open DeKalb Inc. won a major Open Records Law Suit against DeKalb County and PDK Airport. Because of the lawsuit, the County released flight records documenting that more than 200 oversized jet take-offs and landings per month were occurring at PDK Airport. These oversized jet operations violate the contractual agreement DeKalb County made with the FAA to abide by a 66,000 lb. weight/size limit on aircraft using PDK. For related documents, see

Concerned citizens had repeatedly called these violations to the attention of DeKalb County and the FAA, but officials had refused to enforce the weight limit. In fact, some government officials have claimed that the weight limit does not exist.

Oversized jets flying at low altitudes over our homes, schools, and businesses may produce hazardous noise and air pollution. As just one example, jets produce more than 14 toxic emissions, some carcinogenic, that remain unregulated by the Federal government. For details, see the NESCAUM Report. Such an environmental burden over densely populated residential areas needs to be fully understood by all concerned.

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