Attorney General Thurbert Baker writes opinion on Open Records lawsuit against Peachtree DeKalb Airport (PDK)

Then-Attorney General Thurbert Baker’s on Open Records lawsuit against Peachtree DeKalb Airport (PDK)

In response to a request from Georgia State Senator David Adelman (submitted in support of Mickey Feltus’ Open Records case against Peachtree DeKalb Airport (PDK) and DeKalb County), Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker issued a legal opinion. General Baker opined that a contract between a county and a federal agency, purporting to block the release of county records, does not override the clear disclosure mandates of the Georgia Open Records Act.

The Feltus legal team has submitted General Baker’s opinion to the Judge for his consideration in deciding whether PDK and DeKalb County may hide records about operations at PDK. DeKalb County purports to make the license plate numbers of virtually all aircraft using PDK confidential, in reliance on an agreement they have with the FAA. Essentially, Attorney General Baker’s opinion states that a contract between the FAA and DeKalb County cannot supercede State law.